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A man named Friedrich W. A. Froebel was born in April. He started the very first Kindergarten!
He lived in Germany and loved children. Froebel believed that young children should learn in a little world with others of the same age.

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Froebel used to "dance and play" with the village children. He was called "the old fool" because he like to play with them. But he said, "In the children lies the seed-corn of the future!" He liked the idea of a place for children to grow like plants and bloom like flowers - thus Kinder garden!

That first Kindergarten is now a museum in Germany. But children can still play with the blocks there!

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Little wooden blocks of a ball, a cube and a cylinder Frobel called 'gifts'. See some very big ones at froebel usa.

Froebel's gifts were wooden but here are some crafts with those three shapes.

For parents and educators wanting to learn more:
In the book Inventing Kindergarten Norman Brosterman says that as early as "...1872, kindergarten had become compulsory throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire for all children under six years of age..." The book is "Inventing Kindergarten" by Norman Brosterman, Kiyoshi Togashi (Photographer) Published by Harry N Abrams April 1997. You can buy it - Inventing Kindergarten from Amazon.com online.

Johnson Kindergarten

Johnson Elementary reopened as a completely redecorated school in 1998 under the direction of Dr. Pauline Moley and continued with Dr. Roger C. Williams. The Hickman Mills School District wanted us to open as an experimental school testing out the philosophy of 'The Basic School' as exampled in Ernest Boyer's yellow book of the same title.
external image 0931050480.01._SCTHUMBZZZ_.jpg Boyer believed that basic schools are a community with a special climate of learning that has coherent curriculum where children are taught literacy, numeracy and the arts through learning Virtues.

The Johnson halls are named after Virtues. The three separate wings each have a largeexternal image farmer011.gif kindergarten room. Ms Talley is the teacher in Responsibility Road, Ms Bell is the Kindergarten teacher in Compassion Court. Mrs. Bolton's Grape Bunch is in Rural Route Respect. We are so far away from the front door that we decided we ought to call our 'road' a country name! All three Kindergarten rooms are great examples of exciting child-centered learning.

Did you know that our school song and pledge talk about the Virtues? You can read about it by going to this link: Trailblazer Song0.jpg

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