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Hello Kindergarteners and Families!
Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you want to brush up on your school skills? Just click on one of the pictures on the left panel. There are some links to educational games.

Go to This weekIn-Line_Skating.jpg to learn how to tie your shoelace.

At the end of the year Kindergarteners do 'TerraNova testing' in Reading and Math. This is a nationwide test. When the results are back you will be able to see how your child is doing as compared with other children in their grade across the USA. (See info here.) MAP testing is for the older 3-5 grades while K-2 do the TerraNova Achievement Test. (You may want to do some practice tests for next year. Go down the page to the Spring 2005 SDAA II™)
Go to the Parent Notes family.png to learn about the Star Early Literacy Tests we give. Every four weeks some schools test the early reading skills your child knows.

apple.gif Wondering what school supplies a kindergartener needs. Click on the apple to check it out!
Wonder what is happening at Burke Elementary? Click on the Calendarjanbrettpocketcalendar.jpg.

This home page is listed in a Kindergarten Directory! You can explore other Kindergarten pages from around the USA and the World. As a parent you may find some helpful information on other Kindergarten sites.

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