New Children at School

  • Below is information about
  • * Kindergarten School Supplies
  • * A list of 'Readiness skills for Kindergarten.'

Readiness Skills for Kindergarten

  • Behavioral:
*Communicates needs, wants, and thoughts verbally
*Takes turns and shares;
*Is enthusiastic and curious in approaching new activities; and
*Sits still and pays attention.
  • Academic:
  • Is able to use pencils and paint brushes;
  • Can count to 20 or more; and
  • Knows the letters of the alphabet.
Above adapted from National Center for Education Statistics

Kindergarten Supplies

4 large round or triangular pencils
two composition notebooks (These are for journalling & math.)
1 pair small 'Fiskar' scissors (The sturdy metal 'rounded end' are a good choice.)
2 boxes of 24 'Crayola' crayons (Good quality crayons, don't break as easily.)
1 'Pink Pearl' eraser
2 glue bottles (4oz. Washable) or glue sticks
1 box of (big size) 'Crayola' markers, 8 or 10 count
4 black 'Expo' dry erase markers (low odor please)
2 soft all plastic folders with pockets or 1 very firm all plastic folder with pockets (This is the home/school communication folder. Firm plastic will last all year, the soft plastic ones will last a semester.)
1 cardboard folder with 3 prongs (This will be used to save the poems.)
1 black 1 ½" 3-ring clip binder notebook with 2 pockets (This is your child's portfolio notebook. The 3 clips open to save special work throughout the school year.)
1 box 'Ziploc' bags - gallon size
1 box 'Ziploc' bags - sandwich size
1pkg. paper plates - large size (not foam)
2 boxes of facial tissues
2 boxes or refills of unscented or fragrance free baby wipe

Please send along a plastic pencil box. By labeling (with permanent marker) the child's pencil, scissors, crayons and eraser can be left in their own box. The folders will also be labeled with your child's name. All other supplies are shared.