Written by Mrs. Bolton

Little Mouse
by J. Bolton

Little mouse so small and gray
You are definitely in my way!
I see you scamper across the floors
I’d rather see you out of doors.
Please go away, or my friend the cat,
Will come and see where you are at!
My cat will eat her small bowl lunch,
But mouse, she’d rather you to munch!
So go mouse go! Just run on out!
Quick, quick, quick, quick the cat’s about!

School Bell Rap
by J. Bolton

It's the bell.
It's a ding, dong,
DANG big bell.
Y'all hear that ring?
Better come quick-thing!
It's the bell!

Johnson's Red Ribbon Rally: We're Drug Free!
(adapted by J. Bolton)

Tie a red ribbon round the old oak tree
Because I am drug free.
Yes, I am drug free.
My body is so special, and it's clean and clear.
"No Drugs!" you see,
Is freedom for me.
It's the 'Red Ribbon Rally' key.
So tie a red ribbon round the old oak tree.

What shall I give as a gift today?
by J. Bolton

What shall I give as a gift today?
I have no money with which to pay.
Oh, I have a smile to cheer the days,
And I have hands to help always!
A happy word can give a lift.
Cheerful helping is the best gift.

I’m Toasty Warm!
by J. Bolton
Ready for winter! Ready for cold!
Bundled up well, face the weather bold.
Looking like a penguin in the snow
Waddling along, away I go!
With a great big coat,
Woolly mittens and hat,
My! They sure do make me look fat!
Rolling around in the snowy storm,
It’s real cold, but I’m toasty warm!

by J. Bolton
snow.png snow.png snow.png
I see snowflakes, one, two, three.
Now lots more are falling on me.
Snow is cold and brilliant white.
It’s falling down, but feels so light!
I look at the clouds all heavy and gray.
The weather just fascinates me today.

My legs
by J. Bolton
My legs, I have two.
They help all I do.

The horse walks on four
To go through barn doors.

The fly walks on six.
It’s feet make me sick!

The spider has eight,
So she’s never late!

The snail has none,
So it can’t run.

My legs, I have two.
I’m so glad that I do!

The Fire Bell Drill
by J. Bolton
When the fire bell rings, stop your talk.
When the fire bell sings, begin to walk.
Moving real quietly across the floor
Follow one another out the door.
Gather in a line and stand so fine.
Head for the gate and wait, wait, wait!

by J. Bolton

Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower too.
Munch like a monkey in the zoo.
I love vegetables yellow and green.
On my plate are lots to be seen!
In the store are vegetables galore.
At the farms are even more!

(Eat 'em up, munch munch.
Eat 'em up, munch munch.
Eat 'em up, eat 'em up, eat 'em up,
That's lunch!)

The Box
by J. Bolton

The fox jumped in the box
to see if he could hide.
The ox looked in the box
to see what was inside.

Out jumped the fox,
out of the box.
Quick ran the ox
away from the fox!

The Web
by J. Bolton

In the corners of the room
You can find a little web.
Woven as a tiny home
A spider lives there
All alone.

Compassion is our guide
by J. Bolton

Compassion is our guide
As we walk in the light of justice
Who will join the struggle
Putting peace upon the road?

Freedom to live in love
Where open hearts see hope
Faith and food and friendship
Find shalom within our homes.

Creating ways ‘To Be’
Moving joyfully
Trusting light within our soul
And singing that “We’re Free!”