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The Sky

Watch the moon as it rotates around the earth. We can see different shapes.

On a Sunday in the beginning of spring we will have to change our clocks! At 2am - while you are asleep - we change our clocks ahead one hour! This is called Daylight Saving's Time. Watch the sun set a little later!

Here is a concentration game with clouds. Match the clouds and see a pretty sky full of clouds.

See what is in the sky and learn the words. Then listen to a story What's In The Sky.

The Water Cycle

external image Rain_on_the_field.jpg

When it rains, I love to see the puddles and then they disappear! Where does all the water go? Listen to the story of about where the water goes. Then go to look at a great picture of the water cycle and follow the red arrow as it goes around. You can learn more about the water cycle at Kidzone.

I like to check the local weather from my computer. The radar map in motion is very cool.
  1. Help Elmo get dressed for the weather! Go to Elmo's Weather Game.
  2. Help the little Droplet of water on a journey through the water cycle. Use your arrow keys, space bar and shift keys to move around. To start the journey click on the top left blue rectangle.

The Wind

Listen to a story about the Wind and what it does.

Social Studies


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