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The Sky

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Watch the moon as it rotates around the earth. We can see different shapes.

Here is a concentration game with clouds. Match the clouds and see a pretty sky full of clouds.

See what is in the sky and learn the words. Then listen to a story What's In The Sky.

The Water Cycle

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When it rains, I love to see the puddles and then they disappear! Where does all the water go? Listen to the story of about where the water goes. Then go to look at a great picture of the water cycle and follow the red arrow as it goes around. You can learn more about the water cycle at Kidzone. Kansas City is #3 for the best water in the USA!

I like to check the local weather from my computer. The radar map in motion is very cool.
  1. Help Elmo get dressed for the weather! Go to Elmo's Weather Game.
  2. Help the little Droplet of water on a journey through the water cycle. Use your arrow keys, space bar and shift keys to move around. To start the journey click on the top left blue rectangle.


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Listen to a story about the Wind and what it does.

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Earth Day

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picture by John Walker

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day. On that day we think about the problems we all need to try and solve as humans living on our planet. We try to remember to care for our earth all year, but Earth Day helps us think about important ways to appreciate what we have.
external image globe_marcelo_staudt_.png We have some beautiful places in our world. You can see seven natural wonders of the world at Planet Pals.

Trash can cause problems for us. Some litter we throw away without thought for our environment. Click on the pictures and see how little things outside our home could be different.

With your parents read how some school children foiled the Garbage Gremlin.
external image recycle2.jpgThen help Anita clean her room by recycling some of her trash. Read the cartoons and then click and drag items in her room to the correct recycle bins.

You can learn about the air quality by playing a series of games at "Clean Air for Kids". The butterfly will teach you the color code and then you can help a little cartoon caterpillar become a butterfly. You can see a large map of the air quality at

Earth Day fun!

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Animal Watching

There was a surprising sight in the road by my driveway. It looked like a muddy monster with a long tail! When I moved closer I saw it was a snapping turtle! I picked up a snowshovel to move it to the edge of the woods. I sure was nervous when it opened it's mouth! Here are some pictures of "Snappers" from Wikipedia:
external image Common_Snapping_Turtle_1994.jpgexternal image 800px-Biteturtle.jpgexternal image Common_Snapping_Turtle_1429.jpg

It is fun to watch animals 'up close'. Your backyard, the park, and the zoo are all great places to see different kinds of animals.

Going to the zoo in Kansas City is always fun. Their official web site has a koala picture on it at the moment. The two koalas: Nariah and Mimii are new animals at the zoo. Below is a picture of a koala climbing a eucalyptus tree in Victoria, Australia. It is such a cute animal!
external image 200px-Koala_climbing_tree.jpg

Animal Web Cams!

Sometimes you can't get to the zoo so you can see animals on your computer screen!
If you have an aquarium in your home, then you already have a mini zoo! If not, then visit this fish cam and watch the fish swimming around. Click the buttons to open the alligator's mouth! Or go to Monteray Bay Aquarium and watch some sharks float by in the kelp forest !!

Go to Boston's New England Aquarium near the Quincy Market and watch penquins underwater . Wait in the queue and take control of the web cam pointing it to what you want to see!

You may not see anything right now but during the Spring and early Summer there are web cams following the progress of baby birds. Two of my favorite birds to watch are the Eagles and the Falcons. In Kent, Washington there are three cams to choose from at Lake Meridian. The Mom and Dad eagles take turns watching the young eaglets. A live video camera shows little fluffy falcons on a ledge at the San Jose City Hall in California.

One web cam points at an area in Tennessee where wolves like to gather. I keep watching it but haven't seen one yet! Maybe you'll be lucky!

There are several videos to watch on the Atlanta Zoo web site . Choose an animal to watch from over fifty videos.

Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

Computer Games:

Crafts and printables:

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A Hippo and a Tortoise

Little Owen was a baby hippo. His mother died when some huge waves struck the coast of Kenya. The baby hippo was moved to a zoo in Mombasa. Owen took started following a Tortoise named Mzee around! Owen probably decided that the tortoise was his new mom!, Mzee, however is a 100 year old aldabra male!

There are books about these two usual friends: Mama by Jennifer Winter, and Owen and Mzee by Craig and Isabella Hatkoff (with Dr. Kahumbu).

external image Owen_and_Mzee.jpg
external image Owen_and_Mzee.jpg

The Turtle Pond Publishers have more photos at the Picture Pond. They also have a wonderful (but long) documentary where Dr. Kahumbu talks about the two animal friends. Click on the word 'documentary' above then go to the link at the bottom left of the Turtle Pond web site.

There are more photos on a web blog which tells you the story of what has happened to Owen when the documentary finishes.

An animated movie called Tortoise and Hippo should be coming out next year by Walden.

If these two can be friends I guess we all can!

Web Links

Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

Owen and Mzee:
  • You can play a game at the Bomo by clicking the green computer. If you click the brown computer there is a story for a grown up to read to you.

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There is a baby panda at the San Diego zoo. You can see some photos of the little panda being weighed!

Mama panda, Bai Yun, is so gentle with her tiny one. It is fun to watch her on the web cam . The baby's older sibling Su Lin is nearly two years old.

Here is a picture of another panda, Mei Lan, from the Atlanta zoo at about the same age. Mei Lan is now a year old.
Too cute!!

Learn more about pandas from National Geographic.
Here is a photo was taken at the zoo in Washington, D.C.

external image 250px-Giant_Panda_Washington_DC.JPG

Animal Cams

You can see the pandas in real time at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park even when you aren't in D.C.! There is a web cam on the site so you can watch the pandas eating yummy bamboo!
(You may need to scroll down the page a little and wait about 1/2 a minute depending on your connection strength.) I was so excited to see this panda family when I was in DC last summer!

Web Links

Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

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