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Our school is in Kansas City!

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Kansas City is an amazing city. You can watch some videos about our home town!

Our Kindergarten is wanting everyone in Kansas City to start off with a good morning! Watch us on on a video at You'll see tabs across the top of their home page. Click the "videos" tab. In the "categories" menu - drop down to "Good Morning Kansas City". You can then select 'Johnson Elementary 3-23' and see our fantastic class.


In the video clip we are telling every one that we are wearing crazy colorful socks!
"We're not crazy, we're drug free. Our socks are crazy! Good morning Kansas City!!"

Some exciting places for children are:

Places to visit during the summer:
Starlight Theatre
Worlds of Fun opens for weekend May 5th at 10 am. (see their Calendar)
Oceans of Fun at Worlds of Fun opens May 26th at 11am (see their Calendar)
Camp Snoopy at Worlds of Fun is only one of five in the USA!

Pretzels anyone?

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Did you know that pretzels were made to look like little children's arms folded?
Some monks used to make soft pretzels to give as little gifts to children in the year 610.

The pretzel is considered the oldest snack food. By 1483 people could buy this treat on the street as street vendors pushed their tiny portable ovens along the road.

The first crunchy pretzels were made in America by Julius Sturgis in 1861. He taste-tested them on his fourteen children and they loved them! Little crunchy pretzel are still made at Stugis Pretzel House in the village of Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Want to make your own pretzels? Go to In the Trenches of Motherhood. There is a recipe there and here is another one. You can watch a pretzel being twisted so that you can make one. Or watch the whole process in a cartoon.

Why not go for some fun food at Pretzel Time! There is one in Crown Center. Also Auntie Anne's has pretzels at the Independence Center.

Otherwise just head for the store and count how many shapes of pretzels are there! Bring the bag home and reach in and grab some. Count the pretzels in your handful. Now count the pretzels in your parent's handful!

Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

Pretzel fun!

Pavoratti, the singer

A very famous singer died recently. His name was Pavoratti. You can see the news. He had a beautiful tenor voice. You can see a picture of him. His four year old daughter was at the funeral and said: "Papa, you have loved me so much, I know you will always protect me. I will hold you dear to my child's heart every tomorrow".

When Pavarotti was four he heard his father singing and wanted to sing like him. (CNN 1991 interview) Pavoratti played soccer as a boy, but also learned to sing. He even traveled to Llangollen, Wales with a choir for a contest. The choir were awarded first prize!

He became an elementary teacher when he grew up and kept singing as a tenor. His voice was amazing! He decided to sing all the time and left his teaching job.

Last year at the Winter Olympics he sang his most famous song: "Nessun Dorma". You can listen and watch him singing in Italy. Or you can also listen here to him singing the same aria.

Pavoratti sang the tenor part of songs. He could sing very high notes!

Luciano Pavoratti tried to help children in other lands that were needy. For example: The children of Liberia, Africa, Bosnia, Guatemala & Kosovo benefited from his and others singing for them. Here are the covers of some of these CD's. You can find these at the music stores or on line.
Pavarotti & Friends For Guatemala And Kosovo
Pavarotti & Friends For Guatemala And Kosovo
Pavarotti & Friends - For The Children Of Liberia
Pavarotti & Friends - For The Children Of Liberia
Pavarotti & Friends: For The Children Of Bosnia
Pavarotti & Friends: For The Children Of Bosnia

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Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

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