The Ruby Bridges Poem

You can learn more about her at The Ruby Bridges Foundation

Ruby Bridges
by J. Bolton

Ruby Bridges was only six.
People tried to get her with sticks.

She went to school on her own,
The kids all left, she was alone.

She was brave and learned at school
With just one teacher who was cool.

People changed their minds one day.
Ruby showed us all the best way.

Ruby is a good role model for my kindergarten students. She exhibited normal fears and loved to play, just like my five and six year olds, but managed to show incredible strength when the difficult times came her way. Although Ruby was only a small child, she was so very brave.

As an adult Ruby Bridges still speaks to us:
“If each one of us...
makes a commitment
to live peacefully,
respect others
and just do
what we know is right,
the world would be
a better place...”