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Hello Kindergarteners!
Let's talk about shoelaces!
Let's talk about shoelaces!

Tying your shoes can be fun!
There is a video of how to tie your laces on wikihow.

I was always amazed at how my son tied his shoes so fast. You can go to Ian's Shoelace site to watch the easy way to tie your laces quickly.

Go on! Try it!
Go on! Try it!

I love this poem by Jennifer T.

Tying Shoelaces
Once I couldn't ride my bike,
Or use a knife and fork,
And when I was a baby,
I couldn't even walk.

Now those things seem so easy,
Like things I always knew,
But BOY! do I have problems
Putting bows in both my shoes!

They say it's very easy;
Once you get the knack;
I've only got ten fingers
You must need more than that!

Mum reads me lots of stories,
Now I can read them too.
Every day I'm learning more,
But not to tie my shoe.

I've tied myself in many knots,
Trying to make that bow.
It can't really be that hard.
I'll have another go.

Now wait...I think I've done it!
That loop looks good to me.
Hey Now I've made another one.
I've tied my shoe!! YIPPEE!!!!

Web Links

Here are some links that you and your family can enjoy.

  • You can find 17 other ways to tie your laces on Ian's Shoelace site!
  • There are lots of fun poems and shoe tying tips on
  • Remember shoe string painting? Fold a big piece of paper in half, then open it out. Dip the lace in paint, place it on the paper. Fold the paper down, holding your hand securely on the top. Now pull the lace out. What a cool picture! It's also called Yarn Painting.
  • Some crafts here at Fun Family Crafts

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