Trailblazer Song


The Johnson Elementary School Song

  • Written by Mrs. Bolton
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Play Trailblazer Tune

  • Sand, rock or soil each floor has it's gifts.
  • Black, brown or white each color has it's beauty.
  • From the sky to the earth, from equator to the poles,
  • May I keep my heart pure, and my mind full of questions.
  • Chorus:
  • Trailblazer, I'm a Trailblazer!
  • With courage to seek new paths and directions.
  • Walking together in the vista of life,
  • Blazing a trail of peace for us all.
  • Blazing a trail of peace for us all! YEAH!

Please Note:
For permission to use the song, photos or the pledge contact Mrs. Bolton at the address next to the mailbox image below.
The song was composed & written by Mrs. Bolton while she was a Kindergarten Teacher at Johnson. This song is for use in Johnson Elementary settings. For permission to use it in any other setting please contact her.
The photos also were taken by Mrs. Bolton. The sand dune is in Ynyslas, Wales. The trailing daisies were growing in the rocks on the paths above Lilly Lake, Colorado. The profusion of Alpine Phlox are near Brainerd Lake, Colorado.

external image email_clipart_mail_box.gifMrs. Bolton, now at Burke Elementary School, 1111 Bennington, KC MO, 64134

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Here is the Story Behind the Trailblazer Song and School Pledge

Let's go back to the pioneer days of Johnson's opening as a Basic School.

"About 2 am one morning I awoke with some wonderful words and phrases in my head. Many of the phrases eventually formed the Johnson School Pledge. We are part of the Basic School Network and the Pledge incorporates all of our School Virtues.

Almost immediately following the writing of the Pledge, the words to this Trailblazer Song came to mind. I was very excited. I was scribbling all these notes on little bits of paper that I keep by my bedside. I had to kneel down on the floor by my bed so that wouldn't wake my husband up with all my enthusiastic writing! Satisfied that I had put on paper all that was swimming in my head, I went back to sleep.

When I woke up later that morning, I only needed a few adjustments to revise the drafts of both the Pledge and the Song. Over the next few days a little tune for the Song came frequently to my mind. It fit the words so well!

On the weekend, I grabbed my son David, who is a musician. He helped me put the music that I was singing onto the computer. I shared it with some of my colleagues at school on the Monday.

Because the song & pledge incorporated many of the Johnson Virtues, I felt pleased. It touches the Virtues of compassionate self discipline as we persevere in a thirst for knowledge. It mentions the importance of respecting the Earth and & all its peoples as we courageously move forward!

The Trailblazer Song was part of a Hickman Mills District Press Release. On the District's pressarchive page scroll down to May, 2007 - "Kindergarten Teacher...". Alternatively click here:
Click here to read the School Pledge School_Virtues_Pledge.jpg.

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